Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of Kleenex and willpower

How I managed to get sick after dodging the bullet for 3 months is beyond me. My kids have been sick, my niece and nephews have been sick, but I've been lucky. I planned a trip to stay with my older sister tomorrow to see her brand new baby...and what? Snot? Pouring from my right nostril. For two days. My poor right nostril is red and raw. I wonder what the right nostril did so wrong to be the one lucky enough for all this seepage to drain out of....blech. Trip cancelled.

Anyway, we were in a hurry tonight and the boys and the hubby decided they wanted to go to McFat, I mean McDonalds for dinner. So one of the boys came with me to go grab it. Now, let me explain something to you: McDonalds Coke is like crack to me. I crave their Coca-Cola. The extra large size. And the double cheeseburgers? Don't get me started. I once asked a Coke delivery guy at the convenient store that I worked at if he could make our Coke taste like McDonalds. He asked me if he looked like a miracle worker. Apparently McDonalds has some fancy schmancy soda set up. Anyway, I deviate. I did not order anything for myself!! Woot! I came home and ate a bowl of raisin bran and some toast! I am soooo proud of myself. It was a good day.


Merry Mary said...

Im sorry you are sick! I hope you get better quickly!

Tony said...

Ugh, I love McDonald's large sodas lol. Good job not ordering anything.

MandMStudio said...

I love McDonalds Root Beer, Good for you on passing it up.