Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh,'re so funny.

My husband lost his job yesterday. They "eliminated" his job. You know what gets me? When you quit an employer you're expected to give 2 weeks of notice so they can find a replacement, but oh ho ho, when they need to get rid of you, you're given no notice. They wait til the end of the day when you're clocking out to say, "Oh yea, by the way, you don't have a job anymore, here's the paperwork on that and yea, good luck with that."


Anyway, things are going well on the weightloss front. I feel like I'm doing well this week. Sunday the scales will tell though!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Teale said...

That's so awful about your husband. Noone is safe anymore in this economy, it's awful! I hope he'll be able to at least get some unemployment in the interim between jobs. And hopefully he's in a field where finding a new position won't be too difficult!

Merry Mary said...

I'm so sorry your husband lost his job. Its a rough time right now for a lot of us. :( I hope he finds a new job soon!

Dawnn said...

Oh hun that is awful, my bf and x-husband lost thier jobs the same day.. it was like a double blow. hopefully things will pick up and there will be something better on the horizon. Stay postive!

You'd be so pretty if... said...

Thanks you guys for your kind words. It's such a shock to see what everyone is going through.